Dynasty Mattress – Cheap Rubbish Or High Quality?

Dynasty MattressWhile shopping around for a memory foam mattress, you may have discovered the Dynasty Mattress. However, as this is not a name that is instantly recognisable and as this mattress claims to be as good as any premium brand mattress, you may be wondering whether this is true, or a load of rubbish. Many people have heard of Tempur-pedic Mattress but either don’t have, or don’t want to spend all that money on one of those mattresses if they can get a high quality mattress for cheaper. Dynasty Mattress aims to fill that demand with their range of mattresses. Are Dynasty Mattresses high quality orthopedic mattresses at a pocket friendly price? Let’s take a look.

There are four styles of Dynasty Mattress on sale:

First off there are four different Dynasty Mattress options available. You have the entry level 10 inch Deluxe Mattress, the mid range 12 inch Luxury Mattress or 12 inch Celebrity Mattress (like the Deluxe but with two inches of soft pillow top foam), and the high end 14 inch Grand Mattress.

Dynasty Mattresses are composed entirely of memory foam and polyurethane foam. So they do not use the traditional spring coil mattress structure to prop them up. Spring coil mattresses suffice for people that have no orthopedic issues, as these mattresses are not aggravating to those that are lacking painful pressure points.

Spring mattresses can quickly break down after a few years, whereas memory foam mattresses can easily last at least 20 years and some manufacturers will even guarantee them for that long. Spring coil mattresses also do not render support and comfort to the same degree that a good memory foam mattress can.

Springs work by resistance. And so spring coil mattresses resist body weight and thereby cause discomfort while you sleep if you have areas sensitive to pressure points. They are also potentially harmful as some people tend to replace them only when they feel spring poking through. This would be late; at a very advanced stage of breakdown.

Dynasty Mattresses comfortably fall within the commonly accepted expectations for a memory foam mattress. That is they have at least 10 inches thickness and have a memory foam density that is between 5 and 6lbs – 5.3 lbs.

There are four styles of Dynasty Mattress on sale:

Deluxe Dynasty Mattress
10 Inch Deluxe

Deluxe Mattress

The Deluxe is the entry level mattress in DynastyMattress’s range. It is a 10 inch mattress that consist of a generous 3 inches of memory foam and 7 inches of high resilience polyurethane foam.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
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Therapeudic Dynasty Mattress
12 Inch Therapeudic

Therapeudic Mattress

This 12 inch Therapeudic mattress (also sometimes referred to as Therapeutic Mattress or Luxury Mattress) is for people that like their mattress to have a bit more support level to it and people that are a bit heavy. This mattress consists of 5 inches of memory foam and 7 inches.of high density polyurethane foam for fantastic level of comfort and support.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
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Celebrity Dynasty Mattress
12 Inch Celebrity

Celebrity Mattress

The Celebrity Mattress is a 12 inch version of the Deluxe Mattress with the difference of having an extra layer of pillow top foam, to provide an extra element of softness for those that love to have a cushion like sleeping experience. This mattress features 3 inches of 5.3 lbs density, 7 inches of high density polyurethane foam, and 2 inches of pillow top foam.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
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Grand Dynasty Mattress
14 Inch Grand

Grand Mattress

The Grand Mattress is a 14 inch mattress that offers the ultimate level of support and is great for very heavy people and those that simply prefer to have a very thick mattress. This mattress features a fantastic 6 inches of memory foam and 8 inches of high density polyurethane foam.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
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Buy King
Buy California King

There are four styles of Dynasty Mattress on sale:

So you can expect that a Dynasty Mattress will be both comfortable to sleep on and of a decent enough quality to offer just the right amount of comfort and support through its ability to mold around the body but not collapse under its weight. Perfect for helping deal with pressure points.

Dynasty Mattresses come shipped vacuum packed for reasons of maintaining freshness and cleanliness, as well as saving costs on storage and transit. When it arrives, you simply unwrap it carefully and place it on your bed foundation. Allow at least 2 hours for the mattress to expand to its full size. The mattress comes with a removable and washable cover with four-way zipper.

Dynasty Mattress Amazon Reviews have garnered consistent high ratings, which is saying a lot for the quality of the mattress. What better testimonial is there than that of customers to affirm the quality of a product? With these top end ratings, you can feel assured that you are making a great purchasing decision with this mattress.

So with all these quality assuring boxes ticked, all that is left for you to do is decide whether you wish to have a 10 inch Deluxe Mattress, 12 inch Luxury Mattress, 12 inch Celebrity Mattress (like 10 inch Deluxe plus two inches of soft pillow top foam), or the richest in memory foam, top of the Dynasty Mattress range 14 inch Grand Mattress.

To see all the Dynasty Mattress options and shop now for yours, use the links below:

Memory Foam Orthopaedic Mattress vs Spring Coil Mattress

What is the difference between an orthopaedic mattress (alternatively spelt orthopedic mattress) and a regular spring coil mattress is a question that you may have asked yourself or been wondering while thinking about buying a new mattress. Everybody has been sleeping on coil mattresses for ages, what can an orthopaedic memory foam or latex foam mattress bring that is better? Let us now find out.

Indeed, even our grandparents slept on coil mattresses because they have been the standard for so long. Memory foam on the other hand was invented in the 1960s by NASA and it later developed further and entered on the market for commercial use. Orthopaedic mattresses being one of the common uses. The main difference between them is the level of support and comfort that they provide for your spine.

The orthopaedic mattress “absorbs” your body weight, molding around the contour of your body, and offering a much better support than a spring coil mattress. It keeps your spine straight and in a healthy position, helping to prevent or alleviate back pain and other medical problems associated with the spine.

On the other hand, the spring coil mattress works in the opposite way to the molding effect of an orthopedic mattress; the springs provide resistance, hence this type of mattress pushes against your body. When you sit on the coils you apply some pressure on them, so they push back at you, trying to uncoil. That is why your body has to accommodate itself to the mattress in this case, not the other way around.

This situation has the potential of being harmful to your back if your back is not properly supported – this is quite likely with a mattress that has been used for a good few years and may unknowingly be in need of replacing. So we can see now that the 2 types of mattresses work on work on 2 opposite principles.

How can an orthopaedic mattress provide comfort and support instead of resistance? It all has to do with the cellular technology of memory foam, the thing that made this material famous. Memory foam uses an open cell technology. This means that the air is not trapped inside the cells of the foam. So when you sit on the mattress air will leave, and the material will mold comfortably around your body.

Another disadvantage of the spring coil mattress is that it is most likely to relay any movement of the person who is sleeping next to you. You cannot affect just one coil, as all of them are connected. So when you move, the whole mattress is affected, and both people in the bed may end up rolling together.

With a memory foam mattress this does not happen, you affect only the cells you rest on. Memory foam is also responds to body heat, so it will become more comfortable and mold around your body further as you spend some time on it.

Now that you know the differences between these two mattress types, you can choose wisely whether a spring coil or memory foam orthopaedic mattress is best for you.

Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain

Your doctor or friends may have recommended you buy an orthopedic mattress for back pain in addition to any other back pain treatment that he may provide you, if you often complain about feeling pain in your upper back, middle back, lower back, or shoulders. So what is this mattress and how does it work?

There are a lot of causes as to why back pain occurs. You may have experienced some kind of stress of trauma that causes temporary or intermittent back pain. It can even be caused by sleeping on a mattress that is no longer fit for purpose? If you have had a spring coil mattress for around 8 years, and especially if you have felt or noticed springs that have broken free or a hollow has formed in your mattress, then it is time to change it. When spring coils break down, they can no longer support your body properly, and this can lead to back pain or worse if you take too long to replace your mattress.

Or you may have or be developing a medical condition. Those who suffer from scoliosis, osteoporosis and weak and brittle bone structures may also suffer from back pain. Individuals suffering from such conditions often seek the comfort of a memory foam or latex mattress to help support their body better and alleviate the pain.

If you are experiencing back pain and have not spoken to your doctor about it, go and seek your doctor’s professional advice. What you should know is that he or she may tell you about getting one of these types of mattresses. But if he or she does not, it is a topic that is worth bringing up yourself.

So why is it often recommended to buy an orthopedic mattress for back pain? First of all, this mattress takes into account the anatomic needs of your spine during sleep. It is designed to mold around the contours of your body and reduce any pressure points that may push against your back. At the same time though, it is strong enough to keep your spine straight and in a healthy position. In this way it promotes a deep and healthy sleep too.

The 2 materials used for making orthopedic mattresses are memory foam and latex foam. The first material is a chemical compound that was invented by NASA in the 1960s. Later, just like the microwave oven, it became accessible for commercial use. Latex foam on the other hand is a natural material harvested from the sap of the rubber trees. So it is an eco – friendly material. There are 2 types of latex foam mattresses: a Dunlop foam mattress, which is firmer, and the Talalay foam mattress, which is softer.

Both a latex foam mattress and a memory foam mattress utilize open cell technology. In this technology, the air in the foam cells can get in and out of each cell. So when you apply pressure by sitting on the mattress, it gets out of the affected cells allowing the material to comfortably mold around the contour of your body, and support it. This is why it is often suggested that you get an orthopedic mattress for back pain comfort and support.

These types of mattress are very different from regular coil mattresses that push against your body while you sit on them. Latex foam and the memory foam are flexible enough to also get into the open space between the hips and the torso. This all helps to keep your back and spine in a healthy posture. If you experience neck pain, you may also wish to ensure you get a latex or memory foam orthopedic pillow to go with your mattress. You can get standard pillows or specially contoured ones depending on your preference or need.

Another massive advantage of memory foam mattresses are that they tend to last longer than spring coil mattresses too. While an inner spring mattress can fall into disrepair in as early as 5 years. Memory foam mattress can last up to 25 years, and often come with long warranty periods to back this up. So while their price may be a premium over a sprung mattress on first glance, taking into account the life expectancy of the mattress, they are actually a rather sensible investment for the money, offering a both a superior quality of support and a long period of use.

As a final note we would like to point out that due to all the benefits mentioned above, some people will buy an orthopedic mattress simply to receive those benefits and to help ensure that they are sleeping with the correct, supported posture now, in an effort top prevent developing the conditions that these mattresses are designed to support later on. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about the benefits of an orthopedic mattress for back pain.

5 Benefits Of An Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress, also known as a memory foam mattress is a mattress made from special material called memory foam. This material is designed to provide more comfort and support to people suffering from some kind of muscular skeletal degenerative condition like back pain or arthritis.

Having one of these mattresses can help you to avoid irritating your back and help you to get a good night’s sleep. In this article we will look at 5 Benefits Of An Orthopedic Mattress.

Spine support. A memory foam mattress by its very nature is much more adept at suppporting the body’s ideal shape than a traditional mattress. The human spine has a double S shape. Back problems can be caused by not having a correct sleeping profile due to an unsupportive mattress.

Good for sufferers of orthopedic conditions. The nature of memory foam is such that this material will gently mold around the shape of your body providing a cushion and support for any painful areas instead of resistance and agitation.

Better quality of sleep: If you are comfortable and well supported in bed then you are set to sleep better than in a bed that can not provide these things. Some people even describe the effect of sleeping on a memory foam mattress like sleeping on air.

Better product lifespan. An orthopedic mattress will often be backed by a substatial guarantee period. Ten and Twenty year guarantees are not uncommon. This is an assurance from the manufacturer that they have confidence in the quality of their product. With a pocket spring mattress, you are lucky if the mattress remains in good condition for at least ten years.

Reasonable price. Although the up front cost of a memory foam mattress is more than a traditional pocket spring mattress, the mattress will quickly pay for itself. It will do this because during the lifespan of an orthopedic mattress, the time for replacing a pocket spring mattress would come at least once or twice. That is without mentioning the fact that you would be buying a higher quality mattress from the outset anyway.

We all need to sleep so it is very important that we get a quality mattress that facilitates peaceful and comfortable sleep. Rest helps our bodies to recuperate and prevents us being very grouchy during the day. This is all the more important if we have back pain or other such issues that can be worsened by an unsuitable mattress. Get a great night’s sleep with an orthopedic mattress.