Orthopedic Mattress Foundation – How To Shop For Orthopedic Mattress Foundations

Orthopedic Mattress Foundation – How To Shop For Orthopedic Mattress Foundations

orthopedic mattress foundation - buying orthopedic mattress foundationsAn orthopedic mattress foundation is just as important to consider when you purchase an orthopedic mattress. Some stores offer mattress sets that already have a foundation upon purchase. If it is not offered as a set, then you would have to buy the orthopedic mattress and foundation separately.

A mattress foundation is useful to support the mattress and absorb shock. It protects the mattress from normal wear and tear and lengthens its durability. Because orthopedic mattresses like memory and latex foam are already designed to absorb shock, an orthopedic mattress foundation is not anymore that necessary as a shock absorbent. However, orthopedic mattress foundations for orthopedic mattresses are still needed to provide support, give the mattress height or to adhere to warranty guidelines.

With every orthopedic mattress that you purchase, the warranty policies will determine the right foundation to be used for that specific mattress. Using the wrong foundation could damage your mattress and you end up paying for the repairs because it will not be eligible for the warranty. That is why it is very important to read the terms of the warranty policy of the orthopedic mattress you purchased before you buy the foundation.

Memory and latex foam orthopedic mattresses need a solid foundation. If you are replacing an innerspring mattress for an orthopedic mattress, the box spring foundations of an innerspring mattress will not be suitable. Box spring foundations have uneven surfaces. Because orthopedic mattresses are especially designed to mold to the contour of the body, it will readily mold into the box spring foundation giving the mattress an uneven surface.

Orthopedic Mattress Foundation – How To Shop For Orthopedic Mattress Foundations

Some individuals might also mistakenly use foundations with the slat system for their orthopedic mattresses. Slat systems are good for standard mattresses because it helps promote airflow and a cooling system to provide more comfort. However, using a slat system as a foundation is not solid or sturdy enough for a memory or latex foam mattress.

If you already have a foundation with slats, you can purchase a second set of slats. You could place these in between the slats of your existing foundation to provide a solid support for your orthopedic mattress. You can save some cash because you do not need to buy another foundation and you also comply with warranty requirements.

The best foundation for an orthopedic mattress is a wood box foundation made of a sturdy material like plywood. This ensures proper support for your mattress so that it lasts longer and damages less easily. Foundations mostly come with fabric that works to cover the entire structure. Make sure to choose an attractive but heavy duty fabric to make sure it can last as long as your orthopedic mattress.

Orthopedic mattress foundations come with various sizes that cater to different mattress sizes. It is vital to know the size of the orthopedic mattress so that it perfectly fits into the mattress foundation. Mattress foundations are usually shipped into your home preassembled or unassembled. Take into consideration your own assembling skills and if you are up for the job.

Although orthopedic mattress foundations often require a no tools assembly, it should be properly brought together and perfectly aligned to prevent damage to the mattress. If you are clueless about such things, you can ask the store to deliver it fully assembled or to ask a friend to help you out.

When you use the right orthopedic mattress foundation, you get more support and comfort from your mattress to provide you with quality and sound sleep.