Orthopaedic Mattresses For A Great Night’s Rest

It is well-known that resting well is necessary not just you to be fresh and alert the next day, but also in order for your body to recuperate and also be fresh and alert the next day; and so an orthopedic mattress will help you to achieve that aim. And that is because this type of mattress, especially the memory foam and latex foam varieties, are sought out because of the high level of comfort and support they offer to the human body resting on it.

So if resting in a bushel body to recuperate, it is therefore obvious that sleep is essential not just for us to feel awake mentally, but also for our bodies to function effectively as well. So if you do not rest well, it should not come as much of a surprise if various parts of your body start to ache, or maybe deteriorate to a much worse state – such that various parts of the body start to ache and pain. In fact, it is as a result of the latter condition that many people now seek an orthopedic mattress in order to help ensure that their body gets required level of comfort and support while they sleep.

So what’s so special about an orthopedic mattress? Well let’s consider them. We will look at the two most popular and in demand types of orthopedic mattresses. There are the memory foam mattresses, and there are the latex foam mattresses.

Orthopedic memory foam mattresses

a memory foam mattress is the original and arguably the best orthopedic mattress material on the market today. Developed off the back of what was initially a NASA project, memory foam mattresses have carved out a niche in a number of markets where they can help people with orthopedic conditions to have a higher quality of life than they would have if they had to continue using products that are otherwise okay for people that do not have any kind of musculoskeletal condition. Memory foam works by responding to heat and pressure. In layman’s terms, when you lay on a memory foam mattress, the mattress will mould around the contours of your body, gently providing support instead of the resistance that you would get from sleeping on a spring coil mattress. The nature of springs being to resist pressure and therefore if you sleep on a spring coil mattress, this may agitate and aggravate any painful pressure points.

Orthopedic Latex foam mattresses

a latex foam mattress offers a more natural alternative to a memory foam mattress. Latex is derived from the sap of trees, and therefore for people concerned about having more natural products, or avoiding synthetic products may wish to consider a latex foam mattress. Some people prefer latex foam mattresses for their texture, they are known to be a bit softer than a memory foam mattress, particularly the Dunlop foam mattresses, which are very soft on one side, whilst being hard on the other side of the mattress – due to the manufacturing process used. The other type of manufacturing process used for creating a latex foam mattress is known as the Talalay foam mattress. This method of manufacturing is an enhanced version of the Dunlop foam process, most significantly it results in the even distribution of the texture throughout the mattress, so that you get an even level of firmness throughout the mattress.

If you tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep, this may be a sign that your current mattress is worn out, or if you have any aches and pains, it could also be a sign that you need a mattress that is better suited to providing comfort and support to your body. If of course you do have a musculoskeletal condition and you have a spring coil mattress, then you will definitely want to consider upgrading to an orthopedic mattress. Having resistance against your joints the Tony aggravates it via the nature of spring coil resisting pressure, but also of that pressure prevents blood circulation around your joints, causing a bit of a double whammy effect.

So give yourself the quality of sleep that you deserve, buy yourself an orthopedic mattress today.

Memory Foam Mattress vs Latex Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress is something that is often pondered when it comes to deciding which type of orthopedic mattress to buy? These 2 types of orthopedic mattresses are both very popular, but they each come with their own advantages and disadvantages too.

An orthopedic mattress aims to provide optimum support for your spine, keeping it in a healthy and natural position. In this way it helps prevent or lessens back pain. At the same time, the mattress is soft enough to be comfortable and assure you a deep and restful sleep.

Both memory foam and latex foam use what is called open cell technology to do this, where the air in the foam moves from cell to cell when pressure is applied, allowing the material to mold around your body). So having said what they have in common, who is the winner of the memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress comparison?

Latex foam mattresses present a couple of advantages. First, they are all natural, made from latex harvested from rubber trees. So latex is more environmentally friendly than synthetically produced memory foam. Like memory foam, latex foam is also a hypoallergenic material, so it will not flare up allergies like a standard mattress can. It is resistant to dust mites. However it is of course unsuitable for people with an allergy to latex itself.

Secondly, In the battle of memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress, another point goes to the latex mattress for the fact that it ventilates itself more easily than memory foam. Heat tends to build up in a memory foam mattress, and as there is nothing to cool you off, you can become a bit sweaty during the night, particularly in hotter weather. Now, both memory foam and latex foam have systems to prevent that and allow air circulation, but the pincore holes technology used in the latex mattresses are believed to be more efficient, allowing for a cooler sleeping experience. That said, memory foam ventilation technology has improved a lot recently.

A latex mattress also scores points in the endurance department too. While a memory foam mattress can last for up to 20 years, a latex mattress typically lasts for 20 – 25 years. So it has a slight edge there.

Why would you choose a memory foam mattress instead of a latex foam mattress? Well they are more affordable than latex foam mattresses as they are cheaper to produce. And latex foam mattresses are sometimes criticised as being too soft or too inconsitent depending on the type of manufacturing used – see the article: Talalay Latex Mattress vs Dunlop Latex Mattress.

After reviewing all these advantages of the latex foam mattress, you can see why you might want to have a latex mattress over a memory foam mattress. Just remember, as the mattress is more expensive to produce, so it comes with a higher price than a memory foam equivalent. For many people price is a factor when it comes to memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress comparison, so memory foam mattresses remain the most popular and most manufactured of the two orthopedic mattress types.