12 & 10″ Foamex Mattress With Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer Review

From Foamex comes the Foamex Mattress with Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer. This Foamex memory foam mattress come in four thicknesses, there is the 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch. Each is available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes.

Out of the four densities the Foamex 10 inch mattress proves to be the most satisfying amongst customers. This is hardly surprising though as generally, it is not really worth getting a memory foam mattress for support purposes if it is less than 10 inches.

For some people a 6 or 8 inch mattress will fit their needs adequately – especially youung children and people of a similarly lighter weight. But for an adult that really wishes to get a decent and lasting memory foam mattress, it is best to go with a 10 or 12 inch Foamex mattress.

So we are just going to review the 10 and 12 inch versions here, but we will also provide the links to the 6 and 8 inch versions underneath if you are specifically looking for a mattress for children – simply scroll down.

So the composition of the mattress consists of 3″ Aerus Natural Premium 4.0 pound density Memory Foam Comfort Layer. This is pretty decent, although generally we prefer to see a bit more density in the mattress. But part of the quality of a mattress is down to the manufacturing process, and if a mattress can get consistently high ratings, then this Aerus Nautural Premium mememory foam mattress is obviously ticking the right boxes with customers. The other 7 inches of the mattress are composed of Intellifoam to bolster the comfort and support of the mattress, as is standard with a memory foam mattress.

It also features open-cell, highly-breathable memory foam. This is essential in memory foam mattresses as by default these mattresses do not breathe, meaning that your body heat gets locked in and the bed can become very uncomfortable, particularly during the summer season. So it is essential that the mattress can breathe for your comfort and a pleasant sleeping experience.

Comfort is also enhanced by the cashmere-like Rayon made from bamboo fiber mattress cover. It is a material made from sustainable plant material and has moisture wicking properties to keep your body free of sweat during the night.

This Foamex Mattress boasts as a benefit for green conscious customers the fact that it is a more environmentally friendly product due to the production of the mattress involving Natural plant-based ingredients in place of the petroleum based ingredients normally used in the creation process of memory foam. They claim that they use a patented production process to achieve virtually zero emissons to the environment during manufacture.

There is not really much more to say for this mattress. If you are looking for more convincing you can read the numerous highest ratings given in the Foamex customer reviews.

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Let’s briefly mention the 12 inch version. It is the same as above but thicker for heavier people or those who just like maximum thickness. It has 3 inches of memory foam and 9 inches of intellifoam. This perhaps is a bit stingy, as usually the memory foam thickness increases with the thicker versions of the same mattress thickness. Perhaps therefore a better choice to go for would be the Dynasty Mattress, which also offers a great value 12 inch mattress, with 5 inches of the memory foam layer in its 12″ mattress.

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If you want the 6 or 8 inch version for children:
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