Latex Foam Mattress – What Are Latex Foam Mattresses?

A latex foam mattress (also known as Dunlop or Talalay foam mattress, according to the manufacturing procedure used) is a type of orthopedic mattress. Orthopedic mattresses are designed to protect your spine during sleep by keeping it in a healthy and natural position. They offer solid support, yet they are soft enough to be comfortable and assure a good night’s sleep.

Latex foam mattresses are made from latex harvested from the sap of rubber trees and they react to weight and heat, similar to memory foam mattresses. Unlike these latter counterparts, they are cooler to sit on because they ventilate heat better.

Since they are made out of natural rubber, they are more eco – friendly than other mattresses made from artificial chemical compounds. So if you care about your planet, with this product you will not feel guilty for the pleasure it gives you. Latex rubber is also an hypoallergenic material, so it safer is this respect too for allergy sufferers, although not suitable for people with an allergy to latex itself.

You cannot find another orthopedic mattress that will have a longer average lifespan than a latex mattress. A regular mattress can last for up to 10 years, while the memory foam models can last for up to 20 years. A latex foam mattress will typically last between 20 and 25 years. Of course, you will pay a premium for this quality, material and processing method too. But taking into account how many regular mattresses you would have to change in this time, you actually save some money with a latex mattress.

Another characteristic of the latex foam mattress is its breathability. Memory foam and some other materials by default do not allow air to pass through them easily, so you may find yourself sweating during the night, particularly in the Summer season. The pincore holes technology used in latex mattresses does not let that happen because it ensures an air flow that will keep the mattress cool. The size and the way these holes are arranged varies from manufacturer to manufacturer: some have more holes in the part at the base of the mattress, some are more consistent throughout the whole mattress.

Also the latex mattresses are very resistant to permanent molding or mildew formation. This allows you to sleep better for a longer period of time, and ensures that the mattress will last for a long time.

So whether you have just heard about it on TV or from some friend who cannot stop talking about it, now you know what a latex foam mattress is, and all you have to do if you want one is to go and shop for one for yourself.

Orthopedic Adjustable Bed Mattress

Orthopedic Adjustable Bed Mattress – Orthopedic Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

If you wish to enjoy better sleep quality, you should take a good look at an adjustable bed orthopedic mattress. Adjustable beds that are used alongside orthopedic mattresses are among the leading products that can provide the utmost luxury, comfort and support while you sleep. These beds and mattresses are especially engineered to make sure that you are comfortable and well rested while you sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Adjustable beds come with various features and designs. Being able to change the bed height with a push of a button from an electric adjustable bed’s remote control will make it easier for you to get in and out of bed. It is also more convenient when you can adjust the head, foot, knee or back portion of the bed according to your position of comfort.

The mattress that will be used for the adjustable bed will also need careful consideration. Because adjustable beds can be arranged into various positions, you would need a flexible mattress that can easily adjust to the positional change. The best mattress type for an adjustable bed is an orthopedic mattress. Orthopedic mattresses are especially designed to offer full support and comfort to your body. It is a mattress often advised by health care professionals to those who suffer from orthopedic conditions. This is because the support that orthopedic mattresses can give helps provide relief from joint, muscle and bone pain. Numerous individuals are now purchasing adjustable beds with orthopedic mattresses to prevent or alleviate the pain suffered from musculoskeletal conditions.

If you wish to select an orthopedic mattress to use with an adjustable bed, it is important to consider your personal sleeping requirements. There are a few types of orthopedic mattresses with each type catering to different needs. The most common orthopedic mattresses are memory and latex foam.

Adjustable Bed Orthopedic Mattress – Orthopedic Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

Memory foam mattresses are made with high density foam. This type of mattress has great spinal support and provides great comfort to the consumer. It is flexible enough to mold into any type of bed position. It also easily molds to your body so you feel no pressure points while you lie in bed. As a result, you won’t feel the need to toss and turn to try to find a better sleeping position. With a memory foam orthopedic mattress, you will be sure to have a long, relaxing and sound sleep.

Another great orthopedic mattress is the latex foam. This type of mattress provides the same comfort and support as memory foam mattresses do. Latex foam mattresses use natural latex which are hypoallergenic and anti microbial. This diminishes the occurrence of mold, mildew and germs on the foam making it long lasting. Its hypoallergenic property also makes it ideal for individuals with hypersensitivity or skin conditions.

Orthopedic mattresses can come with various features. These mattresses can have heat and massage therapy. These features are very useful for those who may suffer from joint and muscle pain. The support that this mattress can give will readily help to alleviate back pain. But with added features like massage and heat, it can also provide instant relief and pleasure.

Orthopedic mattresses come varying sizes. It is vital to know the size of the adjustable bed you already have or still wish to purchase in order to determine the correct size of your adjustable bed orthopedic mattress. This is to make sure that the mattress you purchase will fit perfectly into the adjustable bed. It is also important to take into careful consideration the mattresses’ quality. Always settle for top grade quality products made from reputable companies. The price range might be a little higher but you can be assured that the quality and durability of the mattress is superb.

An orthopedic adjustable bed mattress provides the best of both worlds in that you get a mattress that provides maximum orthopedic comfort to the body, and you get the ability to adjust the mattress to support your orthopedic needs and/or sleeping profile. Probably you have experienced an adjustable bed when you were in hospital – in order to support proper recovery of your body, or to avoid straining or harming certain traumatized parts of your body, or to facilitate ease of access to you amongst other things. Now adjustable beds and corresponding adjustable bed mattresses are readily available to buy on the market so people that need this type of bed in their home can have one. Let’s take a look at them.

Adjustable Bed Mattress and Adjustable Beds – How Do They Work Together?

Adjustable beds have a multi – hinge technology that allows them to change to many positions. For example the upper and lower side can move independently, so you can raise one and lower another. Some models with mattresses can do other things too, like massage or heat up. Whether you need all the capabailities of a certain model is of course dependent on your needs or preference, but at its core adjustable beds serve a clear purpose. For instance some people like to elevate the the upper part of the bed to help with acid reflux. Pain and pressure can be taken off certain parts of the body by adjusting the bed also.

That is the bed as a whole, but what about the mattress specifically? An adjustable bed mattress can be made from spring coils, memory foam, latex foam or just air. The spring coil mattress, available since the latter half of the 19th century, is the most commonly used model. It provides the support that most people would find adequate, but it can also put some pressure on your spine as the coils provide resistance against your body.

Nowadays, since orthopedic mattresses made from memory foam or latex foam are becoming more and more popular for supporting the body, they are also the most suitable material for your adjustable bed. These mattresses offer a strong, comfortable, yet also supportive resting environment for your spine, maintaining it in its natural healthy position, protecting your health and encouraging a restful sleep. Since you can adjust the position of your bed too, it is most likely that you will have a heavenly sleep.

The final type of adjustable bed mattress, an air filled mattress can also be purchased. There are many systems of adjusting the air pressure in these types of mattresses, even mattresses with 2 air compartments dividing the width along the length of the mattress in half. This allows the person sleeping next to you not to be bothered by your movements, as they are on their own half of the mattress, and each of you can adjust the air pressure of your half of the mattress individually.

Always select orthopedic mattresses that have a long warranty period. Most of these mattresses are offered with a 20-year warranty. This is important so you can have your mattress repaired or fixed in case of any factory damage. When you are able to consider all these things prior to purchasing the product, you end up with an excellent adjustable bed orthopedic mattress to provide you with a quality night’s sleep. So whether you want to buy this bed out of physical need, or you just want flexibility to adjust your mattress for more comfort when you are sleeping, an orthopedic adjustable bed mattress is a must have.

Chiropractor Mattress – What Is A Chiropractor Mattress?

Chiropractor Mattress – What Is A Chiropractor Mattress?

If you find yourself suffering from back pain, or you want to get the best support for your back now then knowing what a chiropractor mattress is can be very important when it comes to acquiring a good mattress to provide comfort and support to your back and body.

First, let us start by explaining what a chiropractor is. A chiropractors role in brief is to assist with disorders of the muscularskeletal system, via manipulation of the spine and other body parts. These doctors claim that the disorders they treat affect the general health by affecting the nervous system. Many people look at the work of chiropractors as a medical discipline in its own right, like dentistry. And they have their own associative bodies to maintain the reputation and quality of their profession.

So a chiropractor mattress is a mattress that has the approval of an established chiropractors’ association to provide a healthy position for your back during sleep. So it is a form of orthopedic mattress that has the endorsement of chiropractors or chiropractic organisation, with the emphasis being on the latter if you want a mattress that is specifically chiropractor approved. By the same token, you can ignore a mattress that is claiming to be a chiropractor mattress unless there is a verified seal of approval from a chiropractic organisation, or unless you have personal approval from your own chiropractor that the mattress is of sufficient standard. This being said, it is always a good idea to ask the vendor at the store where you want to buy a mattress that will protect your spine, if that mattress’s claim of being back – friendly is actually backed up by specialists.

Unlike orthopedic mattresses, which have become synonymous with memory foam or latex foam, this type of mattress can be made from other materials and using different techniques. A company that has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Chiropractic Association since 1964 for producing these kind of mattresses use springs, latex foam, even air for their products.

“There are a wide variety of comfort preferences. It’s very subjective,” says Brian Darcy, operations manager for Springwall. This means that there are certainly enough such products on the market to satisfy any demand. But what all the chiropractor mattresses have in common is that they provide uniform support from head to toe, without gaps between your body and mattress, like around the area of your waist. No matter the material it is made from or how comfortable you feel sitting in it, this is what a chiropractor mattress should do.

The second thing it can do though, is to promote a deep and restful sleep. By keeping your back straight, reducing the pressure points that may push against your body, causing you pain and discomfort, you will be able to relax and enjoy your well deserved rest. Since modern lives are so busy and stressful, sleeping has become the only time when you can unwind during the day. If that is also ruined because your mattress is not good for various reasons, and you wake up tired in the morning, your life can be quite a nightmare.

So, a chiropractor mattress provides a very comfortable mattress to rest on and helps protect your health and give you a decent night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress vs Latex Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress is something that is often pondered when it comes to deciding which type of orthopedic mattress to buy? These 2 types of orthopedic mattresses are both very popular, but they each come with their own advantages and disadvantages too.

An orthopedic mattress aims to provide optimum support for your spine, keeping it in a healthy and natural position. In this way it helps prevent or lessens back pain. At the same time, the mattress is soft enough to be comfortable and assure you a deep and restful sleep.

Both memory foam and latex foam use what is called open cell technology to do this, where the air in the foam moves from cell to cell when pressure is applied, allowing the material to mold around your body). So having said what they have in common, who is the winner of the memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress comparison?

Latex foam mattresses present a couple of advantages. First, they are all natural, made from latex harvested from rubber trees. So latex is more environmentally friendly than synthetically produced memory foam. Like memory foam, latex foam is also a hypoallergenic material, so it will not flare up allergies like a standard mattress can. It is resistant to dust mites. However it is of course unsuitable for people with an allergy to latex itself.

Secondly, In the battle of memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress, another point goes to the latex mattress for the fact that it ventilates itself more easily than memory foam. Heat tends to build up in a memory foam mattress, and as there is nothing to cool you off, you can become a bit sweaty during the night, particularly in hotter weather. Now, both memory foam and latex foam have systems to prevent that and allow air circulation, but the pincore holes technology used in the latex mattresses are believed to be more efficient, allowing for a cooler sleeping experience. That said, memory foam ventilation technology has improved a lot recently.

A latex mattress also scores points in the endurance department too. While a memory foam mattress can last for up to 20 years, a latex mattress typically lasts for 20 – 25 years. So it has a slight edge there.

Why would you choose a memory foam mattress instead of a latex foam mattress? Well they are more affordable than latex foam mattresses as they are cheaper to produce. And latex foam mattresses are sometimes criticised as being too soft or too inconsitent depending on the type of manufacturing used – see the article: Talalay Latex Mattress vs Dunlop Latex Mattress.

After reviewing all these advantages of the latex foam mattress, you can see why you might want to have a latex mattress over a memory foam mattress. Just remember, as the mattress is more expensive to produce, so it comes with a higher price than a memory foam equivalent. For many people price is a factor when it comes to memory foam mattress vs latex foam mattress comparison, so memory foam mattresses remain the most popular and most manufactured of the two orthopedic mattress types.

Talalay Latex Mattress vs Dunlop Latex Mattress

If you have decided to look for a new latex foam orthopedic mattress, you may have noticed that there are two main types: a Talalay latex mattress and Dunlop latex mattress. This can be quite confusing to discover if you were aware of latex mattresses, but unaware that there are two different types of latex mattress. So now instead of worrying about what brand of mattress to buy, you find out that there are also two significantly different types of that same mattress that you need to consider before paying any attention to the brand. So the question then becomes, what is the difference, or which is the best, or which should I choose? So let us examine the differences.

First, let us see what they have in common. Latex mattresses are designed to be orthopedic, which means that they are made to support and protect your spine by keeping it in a healthy position during sleep – it is the nature of the foam that provides this benefit. They are also soft enough to be very comfortable, so they encourage a deep and restful sleep. Along with memory foam, latex is the most common material used for orthopedic mattresses. Both materials use an open cell structure which means that the air is not trapped inside the cell, so when you apply pressure by sitting on the bed, the air is pushed out, allowing the material to mold around the contours of your body. But latex foam mattresses have better ventilation, so it is cooler to sleep on them.

Compared to a memory foam mattress, a latex foam mattress is more expensive. It is created from natural resources and can last a bit longer than a memory foam mattress. Like memory foam, it is resistant to dust mites, mildew and permanent molding. Unlike the memory foam, latex being naturally sourced is more eco – friendly.

Now that we have explained what latex foam mattresses are, let’s look at the differences between the two types. The difference is due to the manufacturing technique used. The Dunlop procedure has been used since the late 1920s and uses a simpler process than Talalay. With Dunlop, the way that it is processed involves sediments in the Latex sap falling to the bottom of the setting foam. The end result is that the base of the mattress is harder than the top. While this means that the firmness of the mattress is therefore uneven, there is a slight advantage for the person that may require extra firmness from time to time. The mattress simply needs to be flipped over.

The Talalay manufacturing process, which soon followed after Dunlop adds an extra couple of steps whereby the sap gets sealed, vacuumed and frozen to lock the sap in place evenly throughout the mattress, thus removing the main shortcoming of the Dunlop procedure of a lack of consistency in the firmness of the mattress. As you might expect from a more complicated manufacturing process, these mattresses tend to be expensive than their Dunlop counterparts.

Whether to get a Dunlop of a Talalay is a matter of preference. You may like to try them out for yourself if you unsure whether you would prefer a more consistent mattress (Talalay) or not.
So now that you understand the difference between a latex and memory foam mattress, and the differences between a Talalay latex mattress and a Dunlop latex mattress, you can get the latex mattress that is right for you.