Memory Foam Mattress Reviews Sealy Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews Sealy Mattresses

In this memory foam mattress reviews Sealy Mattresses we will look into some products from one of America’s most popular mattress manufacturers: Sealy. Although this company has been around for many years and they made a name for themselves even before memory foam was invented, they have embodied this material into their mattresses too. Probably that is why they are the one of the best selling mattress manufacturers in the USA and elsewhere.

At the beginning of this Sealy memory foam mattress review, it has to be said that the company currently have 2 models of mattresses completely from memory foam and a few others that incorporate this material among other ones too. First off there is the Sealy Brand memory foam mattress. The Sealy Brand series has been conceived to be affordable, so all the mattresses here are without thrills. That does not mean that they are bad, but just that in effort to reduce prices, the manufacturers have taken out anything that was not vital. So you can have Sealy Brand in your home and enjoy its comfort at a lower price.

A Sealy Brand memory foam mattress has a first layer of memory foam on top which will assure you the characteristic support and comfort of this material. Underneath though there is a solid 6 inches of strong foam (not memory foam) which will support your weight and be sure that your sleeping posture is straight and healthy. The warranty is 10 years for this type of mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews – Sealy Mattress

The second product in this memory foam mattress reviews is Embody by Sealy – Memory Foam. This series of mattresses is orthopedic, so this range consists only of memory foam and latex foam products. Sealy claims that this orthopedic mattress range have some common issues with memory foam mattresses for good. Most significantly, the breathability of the mattress. Air can now circulate through the mattresses allowing proper ventilation so that you will not wake up sweaty in the morning. They can do that by using a unique design of the foam and the Polartec fabrics embedded in the material. The memory foam used here has been treated for allergens also. The company is so sure about all these things that they offer a 20 year warranty for these products.

You can also find memory foam used as part of the material layer within other types of mattresses. Like for example in the Posturepedic Series, which is based on an innerspring design, but backed up with memory foam – hence the posture and (ortho)pedic in the model name.

So, to conclude this memory foam mattress reviews, we must say that Sealy have adequately taken into account the needs of customers like yourself and created an ideal product to suit most people’s individual requirements.

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