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Dynasty Mattress Reviews

Dynasty Mattress ReviewsDynasty Mattress Reviews. Dynasty Mattress mattresses are a range of memory foam mattress that come at a price that severely undercuts the prices of the premium brand name memory foam mattress manufacturers in the market, especially the most well-known brand in this arena – Tempur-Pedic. Compared against Tempur-Pedic, these mattresses are designed and marketed to be comparable to several of the premium brand’s models, but at a fraction of the price.

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A quick recap on what a memory foam mattress is

A memory foam mattress is a mattress made with material called memory foam primarily (and originally) for people with back pain or some other kind of orthopedic issue in mind. Although nowadays people looking for a premium quality mattress are also looking for one made from memory foam. This is because memory foam offers a superior sleeping experience to a traditional spring coil mattress thanks to its ability to respond to heat and pressure, instead of simply offering resistance to whatever weight is putting on it. Resistance from a spring coil mattress can further aggravate painful joints as a result of that resistance, which also works to restrict blood supply to the painful joints. Memory foam is so good at providing support and comfort through its molding ability, that some people have described the experience as if they were “sleeping on air.”

Buying a memory foam mattress can often be a minefield, as you have to pay a large amount of money upfront to buy one of the more established memory foam manufacturers mattresses, or risk getting a very poor quality and substandard mattress if you go for a cheaper or relatively unheard of brand. Fortunately, Dynasty Mattresses do not fit in with either extreme, and are well positioned and are fast being discovered as a high quality memory mattress that comes as an affordable price. A cheap memory foam mattress that is high on quality that many customers are discovering!

Who are The Dynasty Mattress Company?

DynastyMattress are wholesale and retail specialists in memory foam mattresses and pillows. There is a strong awareness of their brand on Amazon where a number of customers have given high praise to their range of mattresses with great customers reviews and ratings. The mattress range are now amongst Amazon’s bestsellers. The mattresses have received many top ratings from a large number of customers that were satisfied with their purchase.

The company plays into this position well as one of their key selling points. However, they certainly aren’t a one trick pony with only a single product to sell. They offer a choice of four different mattress types. Three of them vary by thickness level: There is the 10 inch Deluxe Mattress, a 12 inch Luxury Mattress – which also sometimes goes by the name Therapeudic or Therapeutic Mattress, and the 15 inch Grand Mattress.

Deluxe Dynasty Mattress
10 Inch Deluxe

Deluxe Mattress

The Deluxe is the entry level mattress in DynastyMattress’s range. It is a 10 inch mattress that consist of a generous 3 inches of memory foam and 7 inches of high resilience polyurethane foam.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
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Therapeudic Dynasty Mattress
12 Inch Therapeudic

Therapeudic Mattress

This 12 inch Therapeudic mattress (also sometimes referred to as Therapeutic Mattress or Luxury Mattress) is for people that like their mattress to have a bit more support level to it and people that are a bit heavy. This mattress consists of 5 inches of memory foam and 7 inches.of high density polyurethane foam for fantastic level of comfort and support.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
Buy Twin / Twin XL / Full / Queen / King /California King

Grand Dynasty Mattress
15 Inch Grand

Grand Mattress

The Grand Mattress is a 15 inch mattress that offers the ultimate level of support and is great for very heavy people and those that simply prefer to have a very thick mattress. This mattress features a fantastic 7.5 inches of memory foam and 7.5 inches of high density polyurethane foam.

You can buy this mattress now in the following sizes:
Buy Queen / King / California King

All of these mattresses meet what we have observed to be a general consensus on what is considered an acceptable standard for a mattress. That is a mattress that is at least 10 inches thick overall and between 5 and 6 lbs memory foam density. In this case, the mattresses are available in 10, 12 and 15 inch versions, and have a memory foam layer of 5.3 lbs density. Another advantage is that like the Tempur-pedic mattresses, they are made completely of foam. Some other types of orthopedic mattress will employ the use of spring coils, which while not necessarily a bad thing while the mattress is new, quickly deteriorates into a bad thing once their ability to support the surrounding material starts to break down.

Having a mattress made entirely of foam eliminates this worry and allows for maximum comfort. This is yet another of the great features about these mattresses. These features allow you to readily assume that these mattresses will more than adequately be able to support your body. And also that it is able to appropriately alter form to mold around your body in response to your body weight and heat to the level required for excellent comfort and support.

You can buy the DynastyMattress from Amazon. Please note that the mattress will come vacuum packed both for freshness, and to allow for free shipping. So after it arrives you need to carefully unwrap it and then place it on your bed foundation and allow it at least 2 hours to expand to its proper level of thickness.

You also get a washable four way zipper cover with your mattress to keep it clean (excluding the 15″ Luxury Grand Mattress). And with the predominant amount of top ratings DynastyMattresses have received, these mattresses are obviously ticking all the right boxes with customers that purchase one.

Which One Should You Choose?

Which of these mattresses is best for you? That will depend on what your needs are. If you are simply after a memory foam mattress as an upgrade from a regular mattress, and if you are not particularly heavy, then a 10 inch mattress will do you just fine.

If you are a little overweight, or your body requires extra comfort and support, then you can go for the 12 inch luxury mattress.

For people that are extra heavy, or people that just simply want to buy the highest level specification mattress in the range, the 15 inch grand will suit you just fine. This mattress is very thick, so better able to support the weight of people who are a bit more than overweight.

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Dynasty Mattress Complaints

Despite the overwhelming number of high rated reviews, there is of course no such thing as a product or service that can achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Maybe the product was one of the few defective ones in a batch, or maybe the customer simply did not agree with the product, or some other reason. Let’s have a look then at some of the complaints from the small number of people that were not one of the highly satisfied majority.

The main complaint is over the smell that is intrinsic to all vacuum packed memory foam mattresses. This is where a memory foam mattress is compressed and sealed after manufacture, which allows for cheaper storage and shipping costs. After arrival the mattress must then be unpacked and allowed to air out for a few hours. Some customers claimed that rather than it taking a few days to fully air out the smell, it took 5 weeks. One creative customer that was very sensitive to the smell bought a mattress cover and waterproof sheet, which she said solved the problem.

Other than the smell issue, there were a few more individual complaints. One person said that they had hip pain after a few days of use and stopped using the mattress. One person had a 7 day delay in the delivery date. And one person felt the mattress didn’t match up to a Tempurpedic mattress that she’d slept on. Another complaint which is intrinsic to memory foam mattresses is their tendency to lock in heat, so in the summer for example you may feel a bit too warm. From the few customers that wished to return the mattress, they pointed out that the company has great customer service and were happy to have the mattress returned to them if that’s what the customer wanted to do, however, due to the size and weight of the mattress, the customers pointed out that shipping the mattress back may be a little costly.

So most of the Dynasty Mattress complaints are about the smell of a new memory foam mattress in particular, rather than a quality issue with Dynasty Mattress itself. And while there are a few complaints about the quality of the Dynasty Mattress, they are few and far between, being vastly outnumbered by the overwhelming number of top rated reviews. For most people, they clearly feel that this all foam memory foam mattress from Dynasty Mattress offers them fantastic value for money. You can check these reviews out for yourself at Amazon.

Need A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation?

If you are needing a foundation upon which to place your mattress, Dynasty Mattress also provides these. They are available in the Queen, King and California King sizes to provide ample support and weight distribution across these large and heavy mattresses. They are made from wood and claim to be stronger that most foundations. They are also quick to put together, taking no more than 10 minutes.

Note: Being that these mattresses are vacuum sealed after production, memory foam mattresses will often have somewhat of a chemical smell to them when you first unpack them. So you may also wish to leave your mattress to air for at least 12 hours or longer to allow the smell to dissipate. Some people recommend you leave it overnight if the smell is strong. The choice of course is yours.

So, with these mattresses that are set up to rival that of the leading brand Tempur-pedic at a fraction of the cost, together with the very high customer ratings, you can see that the Dynasty Mattress offers a lot of value for money.

Want to recap the different types of memory foam mattresses available?

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