Best Orthopedic Mattress Reviews

An orthopedic mattress is a mattress designed to provide maximum comfort to the human body while also working to gently support the back, joints and the muscular skeletal body, allowing the user to have a much more comfortable resting and sleeping experience.

As such these types of mattresses are preferred in particular by people suffering from back pain, or some other muscular-skeletal condition, although their popularity has grown to the extent that many people that do not have any such conditions find the material commonly used in these types of mattresses so comfortable that they are buying these orthopedic mattresses for the superior comfort too.

You Can Get High Value, At An Affordable Price

For a cheap orthopedic mattress price in the US look at the Dynasty Mattress or Sleep Innovations mattress.

If you are looking for a high quality orthopedic memory foam mattress, at a price that is affordable, these fit the bill perfectly. And they are complete memory foam mattresses – no hybrid with spring coils, for a fully supportive and comfortable sleeping experience required from a high quality orthopedic mattress.

Sometimes the term orthopedic bed may be used instead. However, specifically it is the mattress is where the orthopedic support is really coming from. However just to clear up the confusion, an orthopedic bed may simply consist of a memory foam mattress with a bed frame / foundation / base.

Or the bed itself may be physically adjustable at a number of points. These latter adjustable orthopedic beds themselves fall into two categories – manual adjustable and electric adjustable beds. If you are after information on manual or electric adjustable orthopedic beds then visit Orthopedic Bed.

What Is An Orthopedic Mattress And Why Get One?

Orthopedic MattressSome people will buy an orthopaedic mattress simply because they want a higher quality of comfort and sleep than the standard inner spring mattresses fare. Some people buy an orthopaedic mattress because they need a mattress that is able to provide comfort and support to pressure sensitive areas on their body that a regular spring coil mattress would inflame or cause discomfort to.

And some people are conscious that an ordinary mattress isn’t necessarily the most adequate type of mattress for them – this is especially the case the older the mattress gets.

They realize that the support that was there when they made their original purchase no longer exists (some people unfortunately do not realize this at all), yet they will still continue to use their mattress until it gets as bad as tearing or feeling the springs poking through. If the mattress is not feeling comfortable and supportive, and/or if it has lost its shape, then it is probably time to replace it as soon as possible.

Many people buy an orthopedic mattress because they physically require the extra support and comfort the memory foam (also known as visco elastic foam) material that these mattresses are normally made from provide. Perhaps they have a bad back and need a mattress that is better able to provide comfort and support to their spine.

Visco elastic foam helps relieve stress and tension on those painful parts of the body, and allows blood to circulate more freely through the lack of pressure points. It also reduces toss and turn, meaning that you are less likely to have a poor night’s sleep through unconscious tossing and turning as your body tries to make itself more comfortable.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

As mentioned, orthopedic mattresses are commonly made from a special polyurethane foam called memory or viscoelastic foam. (A common alternative material is latex foam, but memory foam is by far the most common and most popular of the two materials.) An orthopedic mattress provides comfort and support to the body through its unique ability to respond to heat and pressure.

Its sensitivity to heat and pressure allows it to mold itself around the body of the person resting on it, and thus providing superior comfort and support than would be gained from a spring coil version.

What else is good and unique to memory foam is that after use, it will also recover its shape, hence the “memory.” This makes visco elastic foam a rather durable product and excellent value for money, quickly recovering and then exceeding its initial expense years down the line in durability.

This compares favorably to what you would have paid out from consistently replacing worn out standard mattresses over the same period of time. And a good night’s sleep will be guaranteed for longer too.

An orthopedic mattress makes sleeping with your partner more peaceful

Some other advantages of memory foam mattresses are that they reduce the one person “roll off” or two person “roll together” effect that you can get on an ordinary mattress, as motion is tightly localized around the sleeper’s body. And due to the nature of the foam’s molding ability you are better supported in place.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress has been described as having a light, floating feeling. This is not surprising as the origins of memory foam material originate from a NASA experiment. Memory foam mattresses are today in high demand and this continues to go from strength to strength as the reputation of the benefits of a memory foam mattress continues to grow.

Naturally Sourced Alternative To Memory Foam Mattresses – Latex Foam Mattresses

For some people, they do not like the sound of sleeping on a memory foam mattress because of its synthetic nature. One of the most well-known albeit temporary drawbacks of a memory foam mattress is that after it has first been unpacked and placed upon your bed, it will emit a chemical smell for a while.

Some people find this smell intolerable. Other people simply do not like the idea of sleeping of a mattress that involves chemicals, for fear of harmful or toxic reaction, regardless of the fact that they are considered safe enough to be sold.

For both of these types of people, a latex foam mattress offers a convenient solution. A latex foam mattress is similar type of orthopedic mattress to a memory foam mattress, but most significantly, latex is derived from a natural source and many people will appreciate this. For some others, they simply like the feel of a latex mattress, which is typically a bit softer than a memory foam mattress.

So as you can see when you decide to buy an memory foam orthopedic mattress you get durability, comfort and support for your money, and as a result a less painful sleep, and a great night’s rest, every night for many years. Ready to buy your foam mattress? Check out the popular Orthopedic Foam Mattress Brands and mattress reviews.

If you are not looking for a new orthopedic mattress, perhaps because your current mattress is still in pretty good shape or is still a fairly recent investment but isn’t quite living up to your needs, then you may instead wish to opt for an memory foam mattress topper / pad, which are covered here too.

Mattress toppers offer the benefits of memory foam at less of the cost of a full mattress, and can be used if your box spring or bed base is strong and your current mattress is still in very good condition. We hope you enjoy browsing around the site and reading our orthopedic mattress reviews.